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Puppy eating problems?

We adopted a puppy from the humane soociety last week. He is about 3 months old and a shepard/lab mix. He is up to date on all his shots, neutered, dewormed, all that jazz, but he won't eat a lot. We've tried scheduled feedings, free feeding, just about anything and he isn't having any of it. He's very thin and needs to put on weight, but is only eating about a cup of food a day. We mix a cup of dry food and half a can of wet food to get him to eat at all. He was diagnosed with kennel cough yesterday and is on antibiotics. The vet said to try feeding him eggs for the first few days of the antibiotics because he might not eat the dog food, but he just picks at it and walks away. Any suggestions on how to get him eating more?


We tried broth, homemade and store bought and he wants nothing to do with meat of any kind, cooked or raw (he's weird, I know). The weight isn't a huge issue right now, but he needs to eat with his antibiotics and he won't. I don't want his stomach to get torn up. We just made him some rice, but he's not interested at all.

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    Kennel Cough is nothing more that a cold. Antibiotic are useless against a virus. Antibiotics can also cause stomach upset. When my girls had to have antibiotics, they wouldn't eat at all. For one girl, I warmed her food and she ate it. I raw feed. For the other, I warmed her food and she still walked away from it.

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    You could try mixing in some cooked rice and chicken with his regular food, he meant eat it then. Here is some info I found:


    Add warm water to your dog's dry food if it has difficulty chewing. This will soften the food enough that the dog will be able to eat more.


    Offer canned dog food or raw dog food instead of dry food. The moisture and smell attracts dogs to these foods and makes them more appealing.


    Feed your dog small amount of leftover meats, vegetables and fruits from your own meals and snacks. Dogs can benefit from eating fresh human foods, as long as the food is unprocessed. It is important to avoid feeding dogs too much human food, including vegetables such as onions, which can be harmful to dogs.


    Place your dog's full food dish on the floor more than twice a day, or leave the dish out and full constantly. This will ensure that your dog is able to eat whenever it feels hungry.


    Combine oatmeal, eggs or broth with your dog's food to provide a boost in calories.

    Source(s): Read more: How to Fatten Up Skinny Dogs | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_8237821_fatten-up-skinny-d...
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    First, your friend should have the crate in the room with her. Puppies at 10 weeks old can't hold their pee that long and will need to be taken out at least once in the middle of the night. As they get older they learn how to control their bladder and can last through the night. Also as for the socks, etc. in the house. When the puppy takes an item that doesn't belong to him, take it away from him, say NO and divert his attention with a toy. You do the same thing if they decide to chew on you instead of a toy. When my puppy was 4 mos old, I enrolled the two of us into a basic training class. In this class we learned the basic commands (sit, stay, come) but we also learned "Leave It" The "leave it" command works wonders for a dog that loves to eat garbage out on walks and tissues, etc. inside the house. Easiest way to start training the leave it command...have your dog sit or lay down in front of you. Make sure you have a few treats. Take one treat and put it on the ground about 6 inches in front of your dog's head. Tell her "LEAVE IT" if she reaches to eat it, tell her NO and place your hand over it and say LEAVE IT again. When she's back in position, you can take your hand off and say LEAVE IT again. When she shows disinterest, you can let her have it by saying OK and either pick it up to give her or point to it. My dog at 4 1/2 months old was able to have a piece of cheese on both of his front paws while laying down and would LEAVE IT alone until I gave him the release command of OK. So this really does work if you train him right. Good luck!

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    The vet said to try feeding him eggs for the first few days of the antibiotics because he might not eat the dog food, but he just picks at it and walks away.

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    Ditch the wet food, you're wasting your money. Especially if he isn't eating it.

    Try adding some chicken broth and warming it up so that it smells really strong. If the food doesn't smell good, your pup won't eat it. Make sure it's sodium-free broth, too much salt can dehydrate your pup and that's not good if he's also really thin.

    If he still won't eat, switch to chicken for a little while. Raw or boiled, it doesn't matter. It won't hurt him to feed it to him raw, he may actually prefer it raw. And it'll have more nutrients if you don't cook it.

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    Kennel Cough, a doggie cold, do you want to eat when you have a cold. Relax and worry about putting some weight on the dog after is gets over the kennel couch. I've fostered dogs with kennel cough, once they get over it they start eating good.

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    Try to make it appealing, or you can smash them up like soft food and try that. Puppies LOVE soft food! Hope I helped!

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    boneless pork

    raw beef with the blood

    raw chicken parts, bones and all

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