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National security vs first amendment?

Which is more important big government national security

Or freedom of the press?

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    Freedom of the press. . . Much easier to know who is openly the enemy! Add to the fact that when you have a government controlled media, you make way for government propaganda for the powers that be!

    You can have national security and a free press! The government can issue "Loose Lips Sink Ships! Be careful of careless talk!" ads like they did in World War 2!

  • 4 years ago

    I took Political technology a hundred and one some quarters in the past and am via no ability an "authority" in this count yet i could say privateness deals with community police and different factions such as a results of fact the FBI to maintain persons secure on an identical time as nationwide protection helps deter terrorist assaults and retains the countries ultimate hobbies at heart. as far as arguments pass ... what precisely are you finding for? here is what i could say ... privateness and nationwide protection are the two very powerful household projects any government could desire to grant. that's the main important function of government to grant protection and peace of innovations for its people... it relatively isn't possibly 2 arguments yet i'm hoping this permits you brainstorm some recommendations! -Josh

  • Elliot
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    9 years ago

    There's a big difference between leaking information and publishing it.

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