Girls, would you date this?

A 13 year old boy. He has dark curly hair with dark brown eyes. He's around 5'7'' and 155lbs. He's funny sometimes but is a little shy sometimes. He has dimples. He doesn't have any abs or anything but he has muscular biceps. He is a baseball player. He is a bit chubby but not to big. He has slight amount of acne. He wears pretty nice clothes. Usually Jordan sandals with long black socks and sports shorts with a baseball shirt. Or white shoes with Hollister Shorts and a shirt. What do you girls think?

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  • 9 years ago
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    the hair and eyes sound so dreamyyyyyy!!! i like shy guys , they are usually really sweet and funny just tops it up... i suggest you work out just a bit so that you get more irls... nice guys are always good... but if he has a good body aswell thenn... omg perfect!!!!!!! but even if you don't i think i would stil date you... it depends more on your personality actually.... ;D

    hope i helped.... don't worry u'll get a lot of girls <3

  • 9 years ago

    a little young for me but he sounds ok. Most baseball players are jerks though. The personality is everything, so if it's not all there at age 13 it will probably be there in a few years.

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