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What should I text him?

Ok so there's this guy I like and I think he likes me I can say were DATEING but we're trying to plan a date but anyway we text alot and he said hi I say hi what's up he answer and asks the same wth me but I want to say something other than hi what's up I mean seriously? Plz help sorry this is such a dumb question but I just wanted to ask thanks in advance.

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    If you can't think of anything to say then you're not really being yourself, and you're not really in love with him. You're too nervous to think and that tends to mean the relationship is built on infatuation. It doesn't matter what you say, the relationship will fall apart in a month or two, after you realize there's alot more to a relationship besides that "special" feeling.

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    9 years ago

    Great way to make and keep a conversation I used a lot in high school was I'd suggest we play questions. Rules, you can't directly ask the same question twice in a row. And you get only one pass. Good luck!

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