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BELLY BUTTON PIERCING!!! top ball part, stud facing up. is that normal?

i got my belly button pierced 2 weeks ago and when it got pierced, the piercer gave me a jewellry, that only the bottom part had a pink stud while the top ball was just all metal. so yesterday i bought thr top ball with a stud on it, and i changed it. but the studs facing up, towards my face and not towards the front. is that normal?

i heard that its cause its newly pierced and the swelling will go away but idk

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    Well, I used to be a body piercer and I can tell you that some navels are not "piercable". Sure, we can shove a needle and barbell through and take your money, but some just do not look right and never will with a piercing in it. What you're describing does not sound normal, and swelling still at 2 weeks does not sound normal.

    Make sure you are cleaning it correctly and that it is not infected. I would have to see a picture to really get into more detail about the piercable and non-piercable navels.

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    Sorry to assert this however in my expertise the more youthful you are when you do it, then the more risk it has of going wrong- i wouldn't propose anyone under the age of 18 to have it finished- however as you could have, you rather have to take additional care with it- good you went to the medical professionals, and just right to the salty water washing, however i would depart out the dettol spray, just preserve it quite clean with salty water and then dry it, I used a cotton bud, however be careful to not get any fibres caught inside of. Try and leave it uncovered to the air as much as feasible, it may well take upto a 12 months to discontinue being "juicy". The lump you describe may just be a pus ball for you to go, or it possibly a small cyst- both way, i would leave it alone! Let nature sort it out! Excellent success and hope it goes well

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