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Am I allergic to Mosquitos?

When I get bit it gets really swollen and it gets to be about the size of a softball. It hurts. And the day after I get bit it swells up.

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    Yes it can be. Something I've learned to help reduce swelling from mosquito bites is to immediately put rubbing alcohol onto the bite it creates a cooling affect, which reduces swelling and actually removes some of the saliva from the mosquito which causes the irritation. Iit's probably better to prevent the mosquito bites first. Always use a mild insect repellant when going outside. Avoid places with standing water where the mosquitos are most prominent (even bird baths can harbour mosquitos). Another trick I'm learned is to used laundry dryer sheets (softener sheets) to repel them

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    Talk to a doter my sister had the same problem when she was young but it was not as bad as yours anyway she out grow it by the time she was 13

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