Do you anticipate an uptick in jobs created this time (June) around ?

The Obama administration is obviously desperate for positive, economic news. The number of infrastructure projects going on is overwhelming. These are temporary union jobs the government, with tax payer money, is able to create over the short term. Unfortunately, the democrats will not call it what it is: high cost and temporary union jobs put into play just before the elections, to show a rise in jobs. It may even take the unemployment rate down a tick or two, considering the large amount of boomers leaving the work force in big numbers, for retirement. Call me a skeptic, but I see it as political fodder more than necessary spending, when 43 cents on every dollar spent, is borrowed money.


Careful Bob, you're going to have a stroke if you keep the rage. 8.1% is the last indicator, but I believe it went up a tick since then. I hardly see this as improvement. Would you like to talk about the under employed, and the temporary jobs, which are the subject of my post ? Temporary jobs will be listed as those employed, but really they're not. Once the barriers are removed, they're back on the dole, that can hardly be construed as progress ! Keep lying to yourself Bob, I know it's discouraging to see your boy going down in flames.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Judgment Day November 6th 2012.

  • bob
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    9 years ago

    I won't call you a sceptic, I will call you a bald faced liar. We have increased the number of people working for more than two years now. Not the indications of "temporary" jobs and almost all of the economic news is bad only in Republican eyes. Stock market has doubled, the rapidly rising unemployment that Bush left behind has reversed and the unemployment rate has declined steadily, In fact, there isn't an economic indicator that is not better now than when Obama took office....making you just another lyiing right wing piece of cr*p.

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