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Intense cramping 2 previous M/C?

Hi all,

I found out last week I was pregnant. The only reason I tested was from my lack of "period" I have had no signs or pregnancy symptoms except for intense crampiness that never seems to subside.

I went into the ER 3 nights ago with cramping at about a 6 of 10 ( 10 being excruciating )and some brown spotting. I was dated for 4 weeks 3 days pregnant, told my cervix was still closed and my hCG was at 347. The doctor told me the spotting could have been from a small irritation around my cervix.

I was told to come back two days later for more blood work and an inter vaginal ultrasound. My hCG did double in the 48 hours to 987 and the U/S showed a small gestational sac ( empty of course since I didn't hit my 5 week mark until today ) and also showed I had a 1.9mm cyst on my right ovary ( which is where the majority of my cramps are designated )

When I came home from my scan, about 4 hours later I notice I was spotting a brownish in colour discharge, and my cramps had worsened. I called and was told mild cramping and some spotting is normal after an internal or pelvic exam as the cervix is so sensitive at this stage.

I'm still cramping ( it has not stopped or subsided in days ) and the pain is increasing. I am also still spotting a brownish discharge ( I don't need a panty liner as it is so scant, just there when I wipe so I'm hoping it's just old blood that was built up around my cervix after the internal )

I'm worrying something awful as this is how my 2 miscarriages began. Constant cramping since conception up until the 6th week when I noticed brownish spotting, days later I m/c. The second Miscarriage I made it all the way to 13 weeks with no problems other then the intense cramping since conception.

This, I don't believe to be normal unless an ovarian cyst can cause these problems ( never had one before ) and I'm not sure what to do. The ER said not to come back unless I could no longer stand up right from the pain or began soaking 2 pads under an hour.

Do you think it's possible to still carry this baby or am I on my way to a 3rd M/C? After my first two M/C, It took us 2 years to finally get pregnant again. I feel like I'm falling apart.


@ "preggo with #3" - Then move on to another question, why even waste your time with an answer that is of no help?

Update 2:

Mary- They gave me a print out of blood work and ultra sound info. It says the cyst on my ovary is 1.9mm which i think ( not positive ) is maybe 0.07 inches. Like I said, I've never experienced a cyst before and with my previous M/C's its just a bit more added stress for me to deal with. Thanks for the info and I pray that the painful cramps is due to that.

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    Wow the ***** about me needs to **** off. Honey im so sorry about your previous miscarriages :( that is so hard. However i may have some good news, YES cysts do cause alot of cramping and horrible pain! as far as the spotting if its brown it is totally normal in early pregnancy. Did they say how big the cyst was? Or what they might do about it? I hope everything works out for you! goodluck!!

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    That is too much to read but ijs if youve already had two previous m/c you should know whatbit feels like

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