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What hairstyle would suit me?


What hairstyle would suit me? I want to get my hair short for the summer. How should i ask to get it cut?

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    The average rate of hair growth is 1/8" per week, so unless a guy's hair grows significantly faster than the average rate, his hair is not going to become long at the end of the summer. To grow back to your current style from a very short style could take ten months. Assuming there are no issues with the ears being fully free of hair, a regular layer/taper cut or one of the short pomp(pompadour) styles-crew cut, ivy league(long crew cut), flat top crew cut- can usually be designed to fully suit most young guy's head shape, face and neck shape, frontal hairline and facial features and certainly a guy with an essentially oval face shape and good features.

    "Oval: The oval face is the ideal shape. It is designated as the "egg" shape. It is wider at the forehead and tapers to a well rounded chin. This type of face looks equally becoming with hair worn low or high on the head; and likewise, either a center or side part or no part at all is becoming. depending somewhat on other facial characteristics." L.S. Trusty, "The Art and Science of Barbering" pg 129.

    Start with a regular layer/taper cut. This will accustom a guy to having short hair on the mid to lower back and sides and having the ears fully exposed. If there is still a desire to go shorter, next haircut, go for an ivy league. Shorter still, progressively shorter crew cuts. Not sure if your hair is naturally wavy or straight. Getting a buzz cut aka butch from your current style/length is not a good plan as a butch fully suits relatively few guys and there is no way to tell beforehand if the style will fully suit.

    regular layer/taper cut:

    somewhat wavy hair...

    shorter, somewhat wavy hair...

    straight hair....

    ivy league(long crew cut):

    medium crew cut:

    short crew cut:

    A minute dab of control wax will keep the hair looking well groomed at crew cut and ivy league length. I prefer krew comb, jar variety. A butch comb also helps with grooming the short pomp styles- the small, flat, plastic, oval, pocket brushes that one finger fits through and barbers sell for about a dollar. A boar bristle military brush is usually available for a few dollars and while too large for a guy to carry in his pocket, is nice to have at home.

    The answer at the following link describes the short styles:;_ylv=3?qid...

    Good Luck!

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