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Musical theatre colleges?

So yeah I have two options for college, eventually I want to make it on Broadway (and yes, I do know how hard it's gonna be) but yeah I'm not sure if I should go to Carnegie Mellon University or New York University, they both seem like great schools (and I got into both) but I can't decide. Suggestions?

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    Sorry. I don't believe you've gotten in anywhere yet!

    I'll bt your a young kid, too young to apply to college yet, who is just dreaming.

    How can I tell? It's already June. If you got in to either school you would have had to make this decision long ago.

    Sorry, not buying it.

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    See which gives the better financial aid package. Both are extremely good colleges, yes, extremely competitive AND extremely expensive. However, keep in mind that it's not necessarily to school that makes the actor - some of it is the actor, too! So don't put all your focus on the school. Also, look online for student reviews - sites like college prowler and college confidential offer great insight to the environment of colleges. Compare things that are really important to you - like parking, campus safety - between both schools and just keep narrowing it down from there!

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    Consider which school requires more tech labs which have nothing to do with being a performer and which has more courses in how to become a professional performer and which has the better senior showcase for agents and casting directors.

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    which is closer

    or maybe do u know anybody going to them.............................

    answer mine

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