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How do you get out of going places you don't want to go to?

So my aunt is ''supposed'' to take me and my sister to a play this Tuesday, but I do not wish to go because:

1) I hate plays, honestly. I always fall asleep during them.

2) I have state exams in school about a week from now that I wish to continue to study for.

How can I lie and say that I can't make it? I would just be honest, if my aunt hadn't already bought the tickets, so I need a last-minute excuse! I've been polite to her because I don't want to hurt her feelings. Since we live in the city, I can just say my bus/train was caught in traffic, but shouldn't there be something even better?

Oh and if you're gonna just tell me to be a lady and just go, I'm going to ignore you, so don't.


Ok but how should I tell her without hurting her feelings?

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    If the 100% genuine reason for not wanting to go is 1 or both of those listed above, any good aunt would understand. Assuming you don't have a "bad" aunt, she wants to take you to a play after all, the truth should suffice. If, by-chance, there are other more prevalent reasons for not wanting to go, maybe you can find someone who would go in your place.

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    Seriously, you do not need one whole week to study for an exam... Even if you end up not going, you're probably will be doing something unrelated to your school work. Do not use this as an excuse unless this is for a professional license (something real important like bar or cpa) because it will just show how apathetic and disorganized you are. I apologize for my rude remark.

    A play is supposed to be enjoyable. What I would suggest is to do a bit of research on the play before you go so you know the parts. A good play can make you immerse yourself in it and it will feel like it ended in a blink of eye. Please do not have the mindset that play is old fashioned and slow moving. Be open-minded and you might find something that you really like, let it be the character, music or orchestra, story/plot, or the thoughts behind the story.

    Don't brush your aunt's goodness off on a whim like that. She's probably looking forward to spend the time with you. Find something to do that's enjoyable to you after the play ends! Like going to your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, bookstore, or any shops that you like.

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    You don't even need to lie. Just say no. Tell the truth about your exams. I'm sure she has enough sense to realise they are far more important than some play.

    Edit: Just tell it like it is. 'I'm sorry Auntie (fill in the blank) I can't make it to the play because I have to study for my exam".

    I'm sure she won't be offended. It'll be ok.

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