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Which longboard would be best?

I am going to be getting my first longboard. I know how to ride one. I am just getting one to go around campus. I don't want to spend a lot but I am still hoping to get a quality board. I have narrowed down to a few boards...

If you could just let me know which board you think is the best quality.Or if you have some suggestions! Thank you!!


this is also another board I was looking at!

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    Noooooo! Zumiez pintails are not good boards. They are cheaply made and break easy.

    A great, cheap board would be one from Kracked Skulls. There are tons of customization options which allow you to pick board length, bearings, wheels, and trucks! The drop through mounting they offer privides a lower to the ground board. This results in an easier push and increased stability. They also are REALLY cheap. You can even save 5% when you use the discount code DECA at checkout. Check them out at Good luck!

    Also you can check out for lots of longboarding help.

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    choose for a prevalent...long boards are extra effectual for only using around, yet you re youthful, you have time to get into the tricks and stuff until now you knees supply out or some thing. Plus, they do have a extra physically powerful aesthetic high quality in terms of finding cool, fairly in case you're able to do even some tricks ;)

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