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I think my mom is seriously ill?

My mom is 46 I think my mom may be really sick. She's going through depression and she constantly drinks and smokes. She tries to hide it but me and my sister knows what she is doing in her room. Well I'm worried because that's all she does and its starting to show on her. She never eats, like never, she's starting to lose a bunch of weight she weighs 84 pounds. Everything she eats she ends up puking up. I'm seriously worried because I think she has cancer from smoking all the time and her drinking that much is going to damage her liver pretty badly. I want her to get help but every time i say we should go to the hospital she says she doesn't care about herself so it doesn't matter. Can someone help please I'm seriously worried about this

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    Tell her that you care and how much she means to you and she may be confronted. Try to move her, basically, and also support her because she seems like she feels depressed and lonely, but you can assure her that there are people like you who care for her.

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    you need to sit down and have a talk with her, or get her brother/ sister / mother/ father to come and help, tell them the truth. don't worry about things like cancer you're just associating the bad press of cigarettes with cancer. they don't have any immediate effect it's not a given that they'll develop cancer, just increases the risk x

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    Call a social worker, someone like that, try and get help involving your school and make a professional come to your house to talk to her.

    I hope you're okay, it sounds like you're going through a tough time.<3

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