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How do I deal with a very annoying sister?

So my sister is literally like 23 and I'm 16. Well, the story is she annoys the hell outta me and I try very hard to get along and be nice to her. I don't know why she annoys me sooo much. I have 5 other sisters and they dont do that. What do I do?

P.S everything I say, she takes as a joke and laughs >:(

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    Stare at her,It does wonders.

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    Haha! I do that to my little sisters because they are emo.

    Do you know how it can get annoying if someone else in the car is singing or whistling?

    Your anger washes away when you sing or whistle too.

    My point is, just laugh with her, even if you don't think it's funny.

    She will get bored if she realizes that she's not bothering you or you will end up less annoyed.

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    Tell your mom, ignore/avoid her, tell her off, or treat her the same way.

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    flash your boobs

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