I need some help with a math problem?

Find the precent notation for the decimal notation in the sentence. Of all the vehicles in a certin cirty 0.022 are taxis? So 0.022=___%

can you explane in detail how you have gotten your answer Thanks :).

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  • 9 years ago
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    to get a percent, multiply the decimal by 100:

    = 2.2%

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    In order to convert a decimal into a percentage. You multiply the decimal by 100. And there's a cool trick when you multiply by 10,100,1000 etc. All you have to do is move the decimal place to the right the number of times that there are zeros. So if you were multiplying 3.8 by 10, you move the decimal to the right once because there is only one zero in 10. Another example, 3.8*100, you would move the decimal to the right 2 times because there are 2 zeros in 100. But then you come across a problem, you would get an empty space, (38......) . So what would you do? You fill in that empty space with a zero! So 0.022*100, move decimal place to right twice since there are 2 zeros in 100, your answer would be 0.022= 2.2% . Hoped this helped!

  • To find the percent notation of a decimal (where that decimal represents a portion of a whole thing; like your example), you simply multiply by a 100.

    If we know that 1/2 of the cars are taxis, you know right away that it's 50 percent, how??? You multiplied by a 100, you just never realized you did it.

    so 0.022 are taxis, that's 0.022x100 percent = 2.2%

  • moe
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    9 years ago

    0.10 = 10/100 = 10%

    or in other words,

    0.10 = 10/100 which is 10 out of 100 which precisely 10%


    0.022 = 0022/1000 = 22/1000 = 2.2/100 = 2.2%

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  • Troy
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    9 years ago

    multiply by 100.

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