Parents please answer babysitting question?

What is the youngest age of a child you would allow a 15 year old to babysit?

If you posted an ad online for a babysitter would you only expect to get replies from people age 18 and up or would you be open to a younger sitter?

Is there anything you think a babysitter should know, especially a young one, maybe something they could do to make you trust them more?

Thank you!

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  • 9 years ago
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    for a 15 year old to babysit I would want my kid to be at least 5/6. I would treat it as a job interview like have they babysat before, if so get refrences. I would want them certified in child CPR and first aid. Maybe even have taken a babysitting class. I would make sure there was a home phon, u know they wont die like cell phones. U could also install a nanny cam and see how they do the first time. some of the cams u can get can be seen anywhere your at via internet. So then u will always be able to see them and your child. But thats just for a complete stranger. And u can akways read teens in how mature they are. U can also see them on FB if its not blocked to see how they act.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    He can babysit anyone, as long as they're not a brat. I'm 13 but i could probably babysit anyone because my 9 year old sister is a total brat.

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