Why do my UBS ports not work?

I have a dell mini 10. The USB port on the right works fine. I use my mouse/flash drives in it. But the tree ports on the left will not work. I have 2 OS's so i know its not software. Is there a specific driver or something i need? Or is it hardware?

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  • 9 years ago
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    It's either hardware or software..do this first right click on computer then manage click device manager check USB controllers it should say "This device is working properly." then should be at least 3 controllers there if not download usb driver for you mini at dell website, re-install the driver again. It is also possible that your left usb ports does not support 2.0 usb then it is hardware

  • 4 years ago

    might help to correctly known what working equipment you're working,yet,im guessing theres a foul connection someplace.(im not being sarcastic,you probally theory-approximately that).in case your working win ninety 5 or ninety 8 or me,you need to have lost the gadget drivers,and which would be a discomfort.WIN XP and maximum linux shouldnt be a issue in that area.

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