Could I have ibs or something else?

I've had stomach problems since more than a year now. I am always super constipated everyday. I do go to the bathroom everyday, but I always feel like there's still some stuck. I have gas all the time as well. I drink enough water and eath enough fiber/fruits/vegetables everyday. I have abdominal pain after eating. I had h-pylori last september and had an upper colonoscopy done to make sure it was gone. I've had stool tests, celiac disease testing, blood testing, urine testing, x-rays, but still haven't found anything. My mom is gonna make me another appointment with the G.I. doctor this week but any ideas of what I could have?

1 Answer

  • Mary
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    You should have a lower colonoscopy donet o rule out tumors.Endometriosis can cause that too it it wraps around the intestines.

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