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will my 1 year old lab try to kill my 15 year old cat?

We have a 15 year old male very territorial and spoiled cat. We recently took in a 1 1/2 year old male yellow lab, who wants to eat the cat. He becomes very aggressive, barks ferociously and lunges at him when he sees him. He has only seen him so far while on a leash. How can we possibly make this work? The dog's previous owner told us that he would dart across lawns and roads to chase rabbits in the neighborhood. Would he actually kill the rabbits, or hurt the cat if he caught him?.

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    He might just be aggresive. It would be impossible for your lab to eat the cat. It takes awhile for a dog to be comfortable with a cat. Maybe your lab is just a little more disliking of cats than other dogs.

  • Shawn
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    9 years ago

    One dog vs one young and healthy cat, and the cat will win.

    BUT a young dog and an old cat, the cat will be in trouble. I would never trust them together. Some dogs are just going to be aggressive toward other small animals. There's a difference between being curious and wanting to put his nose on the cat and becoming aggressive. I think your dog is behaving with aggression.

    I would keep them separate. We adopted a lab/schnauzer mix that gets along well with our old cat. I did put up a baby gate and cut a little hole in the bottom in case the kitty needs a break. Usually, though, they ignore each other. sometimes they both curl up on one of their beds together, but it's only because they both want to be on the fleece.

    The yellow lab we used to have did kill a rabbit, but she didn't hurt the cats at all. I have no idea why. But she never barked, growled or anything at the cats. I trusted her with them after a slow introduction.

    It isn't likely that your cat nor your dog will change. I just don't see it happening.

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    The dog has high prey drive. No amount of training will stop the dog from trying to kill the cat or other small animals.

    You need to either rehome the dog and accept the fact the dog is a liability that will end up killing some one's small pet. Or surrender it to a shelter or rescue.

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    You do certainly have a serious situation. For some reason your dogs seems to think of he needs to shelter himself and his possessions from everybody interior the residing house. he's exhibiting an alarming experience of mistrust on your total relatives. For this to ensue in a dogs this youthful is unusual, yet i don't likely think of the dogs is sufficiently previous to have been abused that badly. i don't be attentive to what your financial situation is, yet i might recommend you hire a behaviorist to attempt to resolve this habit. there is surely some thing occurring. you additionally can all make the main of a few exceptionally extreme obedience coaching on your dogs besides, this type of coaching instruments obstacles of habit on your dogs and could make him sense safer and extra trusting which you're in charge, not him. i does not enable your toddlers to be with the dogs without supervision until you hit upon out what is going on, nevertheless. I even have figured some themes out of your description of the habit that could or won't be the case-complicated to choose without seeing the full interaction. nutrition aggression Aggression in direction of different dogs concern biting while injured Jealousy loss of socialization Wariness mistrust those are all issues you should communicate over with a behaviorist. good success inclusive of your dogs! Edit: some thing I in basic terms study on your question has me stressful. you at the instant are not doing an Alpha roll with this dogs, are you? it incredibly is an extremely undesirable theory. No good coach this modern day might use this as a coaching device. it incredibly is an antiquated theory that develop into consistent with incorrect assumptions. not basically is it risky, the dogs receives truthfully not something out of it however the reality that he's being attacked. Please hire a coach if it incredibly is the case! Edit: so which you have an aggressive dogs who has already bitten and you want to apply violence to get him to act? i think of you're able to desire to get a grip earlier the dogs bites you and you place it down in a in super condition of temper! There are in basic terms some running shoes left who use those techniques, and you gets that established via many running shoes in this internet site. in case you probably did not choose solutions, why did you ask the question? you may actual do what you pick with the dogs, yet you presently have a detrimental dogs, and that i see no good end interior the destiny in case you proceed what you have began. as quickly as lower back-proprietor of biter who's now rehabilitated-with none Alpha rolls!

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    Assume the answer is YES, and protect them from each other.

    This dog may need a cat free home.

  • Morgan
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    9 years ago

    just let the dog see the cat throught a glass door whail on a leash and the dog will eventuly get tiered or charging at the cat and when it dose give it a treat


    teach the dog leave it and when he has got it down show him the cat throught a glass door and tell him to leave the door alown when he gose to it

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    not if give them you let them grow up together or just give them some time to bond together

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