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I have broken my nose multiple times?

Hello. I think I have broken my nose about 3 or four times. First time was the work, when I jumped into my friends forehead, and my nose hit it. Then, a few times after that, someone elbowed me in the nose, my ipad fell on my face. Now, it is pretty deformed In my opinion. If you look at a normal person, and then me, there is a pretty big difference. There is a bump at the top, and makes my nose look extremely rounded and big. Also, after the ipad falling on it, it was pretty swollen, and i noticed my nostrils are now two different sizes. It is harder to breathe out of my left nostril (unless I am congested, however only my left nostril is...) than my right nostril.

So, I was wondering what can be done for this. Could I have a doctor fix this or what? Please serious answers only.

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    there is an effective nose reshaper that I used a couple of months ago that is quite very effective. Ive seen the effect in about 2 weeks and I achieve my desired nose shape in about 1 month and 2 weeks. Just google "nasofix" or check their site at

    my nose was originally big and bulbous with a hump and droopy tip, it really does affect my self confidence as I always think that people that looks on my face thinks that I have a shrek like nose.

    Ive used nasofix for about 3 months in total and I am quite satisfied with the result,. My nose became slimmer and the droop is fixed as well as the hump. The only problem i had is I have to buy 2 pieces since I accidentally wet the first one I bought and YOU SHOULD NEVER WET it or it will not work.

    it cost about 30 dollars and shipping to U.S / Can / UK is about 10 days. Its worth every penny.

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    Sorry on your discomfort. It sounds broken to me. in spite of if it is not somewhat swollen, and there remains discomfort, then it incredibly is in all possibility broken. that's not a brilliant deal, yet you do might desire to make certain a doctor because of the fact the main suitable time to handle this variety of condition is readily.

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    Yes a plastic surgeon could fix your nose for sure. Ask your regular doctor about it.

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