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I've had a hysterectomy in 2005, no chance im pregnant, but I have nausea and mid line right side discomfort?

I had my gallbladder removed when i was 12 due to an infection I had in it. Over the last week-ish.. I have felt nauseated quite frequently, like when your pregnant. When I wake up, when I am standing at the kitchen sick doing dishes anytime. I have tried OTC antacid meds. It doesn't help. These bouts come and go. Then yesterday, I was nauseated for 100% of the day. I really had the " I don't feel good feeling." I have a dull achy feeling about mid-line right side, and in my back same area. this "pain" feels like someone is poking me and wont move their finger. I would say it is even with my bellybutton. It becomes more noticeable when I am up moving. It bugs me a little more then normal. I also had very watery diarrhea. that was pretty constant yesterday. Today it isn't so bad, but the dull ache is still there. Today I have a headache that isn't being relieved by tylenol. I will call dr tomorrow, just don't honestly have the 100.00 for urgent care today, when I have dealt with most of these symptoms for a week. Any Ideas as to what it could be? Thank you all

I googled appendicitis, but the pain isn't excruciating. its just dull and achey

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    you could have something wrong with your pancreas or liver both are right in that area personally go to the drs and have them check it out give them all your symptoms they may be able to help you could also have something wrong with your intestines.

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    Ok,that is mostly gonna be the one reply I deliver in this field that is not going to be so MEAN when you consider that I am a hundred thousand% towards abortion.I do need to state the case tho so I express regret for the harshness. Why is the third such a lot bigger than the primary 2? I realize you stated that you're now equipped for a youngster however what occurred inside a years time ordinarilly that made you honestly desire to maintain this youngster? If your lifestyles was once so irritating for the primary two then what's so distinctive now? It quite is a disgrace to peer men and women who may have infants simply "throw" them away like that...and I say throw them away when you consider that that's what it's. Also as in your query you possibly at a few style of danger...I realize when you miscarry so sometimes it does positioned the youngster at danger to be miscarried and I am supposing that abortions are across the identical boat...you might have such a lot of abortions specially that near in combination you frame might refuse this youngster when you consider that two prior infants have been refused (so that you can talk). Speak to a surgeon,sorry for this however it sort of feels like you realize one,and spot what they are saying they usually do,do assessments to assess youngster's wellbeing via out being pregnant...however mostly you'll be able to on no account realize till the youngster comes out and you notice the consequences for themselves. I wish this reply didn't force you in the direction of yet another abortion.

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    If you've had the symptoms for a week, then it is certainly not appendicitis, cos you'd be dead by now.

    Have you been to a doctor?

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