Are you self conscious?

I know we all are but when does it become a problem? Sometimes I feel like my self loathing takes it to the next level. I just spend my whole day laying in my room thinking about how much I hate myself and that I'm worthless and ugly and fat and, a failure and everything. It makes me angry and want to hurt myself.

is that normal? do you do that?


Kiraster: it's a lot easier said than done. I've been scrutinized since I was in kindergarten and now that i'm a young adult the scrutiny is greater. I never had the luxury to appreciate myself because there was always someone commenting and telling me I was this that and the third and as much as we say words don't hurt they do. When you constantly hear people say mean things it slowly breaks you and when you don't fit the standards of what is considered beauty the burden is even worse on you. I can't just look in the mirror and appreciate who I am because Ive been told my whole life by my family Im worthless and been made fun at by the ones who are supposed to love me. I don't expect you to understand though.

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    9 years ago
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    Yes. About my looks.

    Why? Because while I love how I look in the mirror (usually), I can't actually know I look like that to other people.

    Sometimes I look hideous in photos and videos.

    What if I would find myself hideous if I stepped outside my body and looked at myself?

    I don't have problems with self-loathing though... I definitely think that's a problem.

    Wanting to hurt yourself because you think you're worthless, ugly, fat and a failure is not healthy and you should really try to improve your self-esteem.

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    Yeah, I feel like that sometimes. I used to feel that a lot, especially in middle school. But I joined cross country my freshmen year, and it's done wonders for my self esteem! It helped me go from average to slim, and I feel good that I'm not covered with jiggly fat. However I cannot say I feel the same about my face. I got my period after I turned 12, and I started breaking out. My acne was always bad, but I couldn't do much other than face my face and use acne medication. Anyhow I still have blemishes/scars from those early adolescent years and I wish they would go away :/ My parents say I'm above average, but I never consider myself pretty. So yeah, I am self conscious. But the majority of people are.

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    It's not normal. Talk to a counselor or go to a psychiatrist. I used to be like that. My solution was getting more involved with school. I joined my school band and several sports teams to lose weight, and i did! I became a really good swimmer and eventually I became the team captain of my schools swim and golf teams my senior year in high school. I made a whole bunch of new friends and started socializing more that I honestly didnt even worry about my weight any more. I also got into dancing. I won my schools talent show with a dance routine my junior year. I talked to a teacher and she was the one that recommended all of the things I got into. Now Im proud of who I am and all ive accomplished :)

    Source(s): Used to be depressed because of my looks and size
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    9 years ago

    I'm hardly ever self-conscious. No, I have never sat around in my room and thought I was ugly.

    I do think that you, personally, are self-conscious to a fault. You're going to waste your day sitting around in a self-pity party? That's kind of pathetic. Apparently (I just say this today) only two percent of women think they are beautiful. Are you going to let yourself be that ninety-eight percent? I could never allow myself to be part of such a statistic, and frankly I don't understand how you could allow yourself to be either? Where's your pride?

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    9 years ago

    Yes, I do that too. But it's definitely not normal. If you're at the point that you actually want to hurt yourself you need to tell someone. I've delt with anorexia/depression and it's not fun.

  • I'm extremely shy. I feel awkward in public and I rarely talk to anyone unless they talk to me first because I'm paranoid that people will think I'm stupid and talk about me behind my back or something. I don't hate myself but I doubt myself a lot.

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    9 years ago

    Extremely. I hate my body.

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