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Ive been in a relationship almost 2 years now. And im pregnant with my boyfriend. This morning he was asleep and I checked his phone to see if I could finally finally trust him and there was a conversation with a unsaved number and it was a female. He woke up and I questioned him about it because he was bound to notice I was looking through his phone. Turns out it was his sister using his phone to text her friend, but see the thing is I didnt know there was a button to see the whole messages or even a way to see the whole messages. It was my fault for assumming . But is it wrong for me to look through his stuff , especially when hes asleep? Be honest , if its harsh I can handle it.

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    Sweetie let me tell you this from a married woman who has a very jealous husband. I am not jealous in the least. i never look at his phone and I never will. If he going to do it then you being jealous will just push him to do it fast. keep him happy. do things he likes. take care of his needs and he will not need to go else where. Trust is the most important part of a relationship and that goes for you looking at his phone. It his so leave it alone!

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    It's not a matter of being right or wrong - this indicates the relationship does not have a healthful amount of trust in it. It also may indicate you are a bit insecure. No trust with insecurities are the perfect mixture for a relationship not lasting. It is unfortunate you are pregnant, as this relationship is clearly not ready for added stresses of a baby. Sounds like you are too young. Talk to a counselor if you can find one.

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    Here is my take. You're not married, so there is no real commitment there. He has a right to privacy and if he is paying for his phone then you definetly don't have a right to go through his things! If I were him I would password my phone. No trust no relationship, trust is vital. You showed you dont trust him nor do you respect him. Being knocked up is not an excuse either.

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    Yeah, looking through his stuff for evidence is wrong, especially if he hasn't done anything to warrant it. The sooner you get it through your head that there is NOTHING you can do to prevent a guy from cheating on you the better off you will be. Don't live your life in paranoia.

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    Just dont look for things to be wrong <3 gl :)

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