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Did you know Ohio State will finally have 2 bowl wins that count over the SEC come July 1?

Ones that will actually count, unlike their Sugar Bowl victory over Arkansas a couple of years ago. Ohio State has 2 bowl wins over Texas A&M, who will officially join the SEC at the end of the month.


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    What happened elsewhere ... stays elsewhere ...

    1/1/1999 vs. Texas A&M (11-3) W 24 14 @ New Orleans, LA Sugar Bowl

    1/1/1987 vs. Texas A&M (9-3) W 28 12 @ Dallas, TX Cotton Bowl

    Source(s): University of Missouri ... Texas A & M University ... Welcome to the S E C ... Now bend over !!!
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    Sorry but I won't call them wins that Count. To me you go by the CONFERENCE THE TEAM WAS IN AT THE TIME. You don't demote or promote a team when they join a different Conference. After all Texas A&M may not have made Bowl games had they been in the SEC at the time.

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    The Arkansas game still counts. Just because they got free tattoos should not matter.

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