What's an age appropriate monologue?

I have adudition in about a week an i have to have a monologue memorized. I'm 16 so pleas make sure it's age appropriate! Preferably sad or angry or upset...because that's kind of my best acting skills. Anything would be greatly appreciated!



P.S. i'm ONLY looking for ideas!

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  • 9 years ago
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    d.k. doesn't know what he or she is talking about. But you have to do your own work. Find a copy of To Jillian on Her 37th Birthday by Michael Brady and do the monologue in the bicycling scene.

    · I realize how difficult it is for beginning actors to read as many plays as they should so I am offering this page of help to one and all. Examine the sources below to find monologues you like, then get a copy of the play and read it so you understand the context of the speech. Then work it up and you are ready to go. God bless, Doc


    · Shakespeare's Monologues

    Shakespeare's Monologues Making it easier to find monologues since 1997 ... This site provides a complete list of Shakespeare's plays categorized ...

    www.shakespeare-monologues.org/ - Similar

    · Monologue Archive

    An assortment of public domain monologues taken from classic plays organized by gender and type.

    www.monologuearchive.com/ - Similar

    · Comic Monologues for Women

    · Dramatic Monologues for Women

    · Comic Monologues for Men

    · Classical Monologues for Women

    · Dramatic Monologues for Men

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    · Classical Monologues for Men

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    Colin’s Movie Monologue Page is a good for film speeches, in the event they are what you are looking for; but, in general, almost all auditions require speeches from published plays. http://whysanity.net/monos/monos1a.html If this is the female page, just click on home page and find the link to the male monologues.

    · www.stageagent.com/browse/monologues/contemporary - Similar

    Source of many good monologues. Many from more recent plays. This site has monologues for children and adults, serious and comic. Classic and contemporary

  • d.k.
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    9 years ago

    Um, let me see if I understand this.

    You want to cheat on an acting audition

    and use other people's material ---

    without paying WG (Writer's Guild) wages?

    Don't plan on being in the business very long, do you?

    Ed-- Ah! A scene from a theatrical production, got it now.

    Thought you were doing a Leno type monologue! Sorry.

  • 9 years ago

    Always a show stopper and winner

    (Maria is kneeling over Tony's murdered body)

    Maria: (to both gangs) Stay back!!

    (She stands, and puts her hand out to Chino, motioning for the gun. Dazed, he gives it to her)

    Maria: How do you fire this gun Chino? By pulling this little trigger!? How many bullets are left Chino? Enough for YOU? Or YOU? All of you!! You ALL killed him! And my brother! And Riff! Not with bullets and knives! With HATE! Well, I can kill now too, because now I have hate!!! How many can I kill Chino? How many -- and still have one bullet left for me? Don't touch him!! (she kneels down next to Tony's body) Te adoro Anton.

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