What are Jehovah's Witnesses views on Feminism and Homosexuality?

Are they "politically neutral" on that too?

1. Why are women sanctioned as subservient to men in the Jehovah's Witness operations?

2. How come women aren't allowed to hold positions of oversight in the christian congregation,

while they're allowed to be anointed angels serving as rulers with "God" in heaven according to the bible?

3. If the man is considered the head of the household, how do same-sex couples apply this? Therein according to all unadulterated bibles, same sex couples are clearly outlawed. Being that said, recent JW literature brings out the idea that some people are born with these "desires" and that they should control them as a would a "masturbator" -as the account of Onan shuns masturbation. This manner of thinking would gravely null scientific evidence that has indeed proven some humans are (mentally wired) homosexual. Therefore, a man who is openly gay cannot be an elder, but a man who's "secretly gay" but controlling (coughs) hiding it can - according to JW logic.

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    Jehovah's Witnesses use the complementarian Christian view toward women. This means that men and women have different but complementary roles and responsibilities in marriage, family life, religious leadership, and otherwise. All that said, it is not really equal however. Women cannot hold roles of religious authority and within a marriage a women must defer to her husband. Females are subordinate to males in this arrangement.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have no tolerance for homosexuality.

    Everything you said is correct.

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    a million) Women are regarded "weaker vessels" for Adam was once created first, no longer Eve. two) The e-book of Timothy says that a Woman isn't approved to train a person they usually must be trained in silence. As such the faith qualifies a "guy" as a male member who has been baptized. Witness men get baptized as younger as 12, so historical ladies who've been witnesses for over eighty years will have to yield to the knowledge of this 12 yr historical. three) Homosexuality isn't allowed. It is considered as a mindful selection, no longer a genetic disposition. While anybody could have gay emotions, in the event that they ever expose this know-how, they're going to be placed on an eye fixed record to make sure that they're certainly not on my own with both men or ladies. Given the loss of a 3rd gender, anybody that confesses to gay wants will lose their peers. Most come to be leaving out of loneliness. Suicide could also be average in witnesses that do not recognize why they are not able to manipulate their ideas just like the Society tells them to and the guilt drives them to determined measures.

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    1 Because Adam was created first and because Eve got man to sin she was cursed with increased birth pangs and a craving for her husband. She is the reason women are subservient to men.

    2. Refer to question and answer 1.

    3. Same sex couples can not apply this for they are not in union with Christ and the will of God.

    And yes due to the state of imperfection some may be born with their wires crossed, it is like a child born with cancer. God did not cause it, it is the price of imperfection. Most homosexuals are by choice and God knows the difference and looks in to the hearts of all.

    You have posted this question before. Didn't like the answers you got last time?

    Think you are going to change God's mind, or change the world?

    We can not argue with God's word.

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    How many times do you intend on asking this same stupid question, TROLL?

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    part of an article from a JW website...

    Women Enjoy Fine Privileges

    Under the Law given by God to Israel, women had many privileges and were free to use their initiative. For instance, Proverbs 31:10-31 speaks of “a capable wife” who purchases fine material and makes excellent garments for her household. Why, “she has made even undergarments and proceeded to sell them”! (Verses 13, 21-24) “Like the ships of a merchant,” this excellent woman finds choice food, even if she must obtain it from distant places. (Verse 14) “She has considered a field and proceeded to obtain it,” and she has “planted a vineyard.” (Verse 16) Since “her trading is good,” her activities are profitable. (Verse 18) In addition to “watching over the goings-on of her household,” this industrious fearer of Jehovah unselfishly helps others. (Verses 20, 27) No wonder she is praised!—Verse 31.

    Jehovah’s laws provided through Moses gave women full opportunity to grow spiritually. For example, at Joshua 8:35, we read: “There proved to be not a word of all that Moses had commanded that Joshua did not read aloud in front of all the congregation of Israel, together with the women and the little ones and the alien residents who walked in their midst.” Concerning Ezra the priest, the Bible states: “[He] brought the law before the congregation of men as well as of women and of all intelligent enough to listen, on the first day of the seventh month. And he continued to read aloud from it before the public square that is before the Water Gate, from daybreak till midday, in front of the men and the women and the other intelligent ones; and the ears of all the people were attentive to the book of the law.” (Nehemiah 8:2, 3) Women benefited from such reading of the Law. They also observed religious festivals. (Deuteronomy 12:12, 18; 16:11, 14) Most important, women in ancient Israel could have a personal relationship with Jehovah God and could individually pray to him.—1 Samuel 1:10.

    In line with man’s position of headship, God gave Noah, Abraham, and Moses various assignments

    In the first century C.E., God-fearing women were privileged to minister to Jesus. (Luke 8:1-3) A woman anointed his head and feet during an evening meal in Bethany. (Matthew 26:6-13; John 12:1-7) Women were among those to whom Jesus appeared after his resurrection. (Matthew 28:1-10; John 20:1-18) After Jesus’ ascension to heaven, the group of about 120 that met together included “some women and Mary the mother of Jesus.” (Acts 1:3-15) Many or all of these women were undoubtedly in the upper chamber in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost 33 C.E., when the holy spirit was sent and Jesus’ disciples miraculously spoke in a number of different languages.—Acts 2:1-12.

    Both men and women were among those who experienced the fulfillment of Joel 2:28, 29, as quoted by the apostle Peter on the day of Pentecost: “I [Jehovah] shall pour out some of my spirit upon every sort of flesh, and your sons and your daughters will prophesy . . . And even upon my men slaves and upon my women slaves I will pour out some of my spirit in those days.” (Acts 2:13-18) For a time after Pentecost 33 C.E., Christian women were favored with the gifts of the spirit. They spoke in foreign languages and prophesied, not necessarily making predictions but speaking forth Scriptural truths.

    In his letter to Christians in Rome, the apostle Paul speaks warmly of “Phoebe our sister,” recommending her to them. He also refers to Tryphaena and Tryphosa, calling them “women who are working hard in the Lord.” (Romans 16:1, 2, 12) Although these women did not hold appointed positions in the early Christian congregation, they and many other women had the blessing of being chosen by God to be associated with his Son, Jesus Christ, in the heavenly Kingdom.—Romans 8:16, 17; Galatians 3:28, 29.

    What a grand privilege godly women enjoy today! “Jehovah himself gives the saying; the women telling the good news are a large army,” says Psalm 68:11. Such women are to be commended. For instance, their skillful teaching at home Bible studies is leading many to accept true teachings that please God. Married Christian women who help their children to become believers and are supportive of their husbands who have many congregation duties also deserve praise. (Proverbs 31:10-12, 28) Single women too have a dignified place in God’s arrangement, and Christian men are admonished to “entreat . . . older women as mothers, younger women as sisters with all chasteness.”—1 Timothy 5:1, 2.

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    thanks to each and everyone of you for the replies!

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