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Why won't my boston terrier eat if we are around?

This just started. My one and a half year old Boston Terrier has just recently started to refuse his food in front of me and my husband. He'll come to the kitchen when we say it's time to eat and wait for us to put his food dish down, then he'll pee on the floor and run to his bed without taking a bite. We switched foods and he stopped doing this for a couple days, but now he's at it again. He will eat the whole thing as soon as we leave though. (we tested this by going outside for a about 5 minutes and when we came back he had eaten.) Anyone know what to do before we take him to the vet?

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  • Boots
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    9 years ago
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    It's a submission thing.

    You and your husband are pack leaders and he knows he's a lower ranking member of the pack. So he won't touch the food when you are near it.

    One of my dogs won't eat her food until I sit down or leave the room.

    Just work with it. Put his food bowl down and leave the room so he can eat in peace.

  • 9 years ago

    I don't think this is really a problem. He's still eating his food, right? There's no way someone else is eating the food, like another dog or maybe a cat? It's possible he's just realized that someone else might be able to take his food from him. He may be worried you're going to take the food away from him. You might be able to help by taking the food from him if he doesn't eat in front of you, if it bothers you so much. Teach him that he won't get food unless he eats in front of you.

    Again, I don't see why this is a problem. He's still eating and is still healthy. As long as everything else is normal, he should be fine.

  • Leele
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    9 years ago

    He would rather go with you or play. You will leave the food, he has plenty of time to eat it. If you take it or something else eats it he will eat it when it is served.

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