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7th grade tips for girls anything?




-should I wear jeans


Anything that you think would help

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    make sure your friendly, that will you get u farther.

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    For clothes: Wear some skinny jeans with converse. Converse looks good in anything. You can put your hair in differenct styles. For winter, wear uggs, they're very popular among the girls. If they're too expensive, get some rider boots, they're very cute with skinny jeans. Wear a poncho top, or sweatshirt depending on the weather.

    Friends: You'll make a lot of new friends. Don't worry.

    Jeans: I think you should wear jeans, they're nice, stylish, and comfortable

    Supplies: Get a binder for each subject. I suggest not getting like 3 binders and putting 2 subjects in 1, because it'll get crowded and unorganized. Make sure you clean out your binders or then you'll be carrying 15 pounds worth of paper and other unnessecary stuff. Get some folders, pencil case, etc. Make sure you have a lot of pencils because people like to say, "Can I have a pencil, I don't have one." Once they say that they'll never give your pencil back =)

    Source(s): I'm a 7th grade girl --> going into 8th grade
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    First I'm a guy, and I'm going into HS. Just get basic supplies, wear anything that looks good, match your clothes, ware jeans! And study and get good grades. Be social with your friends, and try to make many friends for popularity reasons! And take a shower everyday, maintain good hygiene.

    Source(s): Been there, done that!
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    Okay look clean brush your hair your age group go with hollister and forever 21 uggs for your grade and boots. BE NICE do not talk about anyone it will bite you in the ***. Have guys and girls over for a hangout.... STAY AWAY from lip gloss or anything :) chapstick is good. Play SPORTS

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    9 years ago

    clothes_ honestly. at this point. short flared skirts, skiny jeans, or shouts and really any top.

    shoes. convers. aand those goddess lookin ones.

    friends, only the true ones. '


    haha. designer

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    Wear jeans! They are the best! Don't worry you'll be fine:)

    Source(s): Been there done that:)
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    9 years ago

    be nice and never be enemies with another girl ( girls' revenge is scary)

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