How do I talk to him and find out if he is single/interested?

I've been working out at this gym for 10 years and I've never noticed anyone so attractive that I actually wanted to pursue him. This guy is really really attractive. At first I thought he was gay so I ignored him for so long, but I think over the past few months I've caught him looking at me. I'm not sure if he is actually looking at me or just in my general direction... but I do have a feeling that he thinks I'm attractive too.

I spoke to him once.. he has crazy strong abs, and one time I told him that he's making me feel bad. He was in the process of working out and concentrating on that and said "i'm sorry i don't mean to make you feel bad". I don't know if he realized that I was joking.. I was actually trying to make him laugh..

last week I went to work out near him (in the free weights section), and when I did he moved to a different area. When I was done I saw him go back to the free weights section. As I was leaving I saw him looking in my direction and he may have been watching me leave the gym.Yesterday I was at the gym and working out my arms and within 5 minutes he came to work out right next to me even tho the section was empty. We haven't ever made eye contact. Every time I catch him looking in my direction he looks away right away.

He does chat with a lot of other men at the gym

How can I tell if he is interested? How should I talk to him? Honestly all I want to do is strike a conversation with him and just become friends for now. Maybe say something funny and try to make him laugh? lol

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    9 years ago
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    I think I can safely conclude that you have piqued his interest. If he were not attracted or at least somewhat interested, he would not stare at you or appear next to you. I will assume the guy is a little unsure about your level of interest and unsure about what to do next...You said you two already had a little bit of small talk so it wouldnt be too weird to acknowledge each other from now on by at least smiling or saying hey. You can start with that then progress to small talk...which will then make it easier for you to gauge his interest and find out whether he is single or not. ORRR you can always be straight forward like me. I had a similar story like yours where I just saw a sexy guy and just couldnt help myself but do/say I just went up to him, smiled, and asked "excuse me, are you single?" Well, the guy was also interested in me so it worked. So you can start off slow OR go in for the kill. Signs a guy may be interested in you:

    1. Stares at you (may look down or to the side when caught)

    2. Dialated pupils

    3. Does things to make you acknowledge him (he may be loud, pass by your line of vision, cough, drop things, stretch in front of you, etc)

    4. His torso is positioned towards you

    5. Eyebrows are raised...he has an "open expression" on his face when hes near you

    6. He may have a smile on his face throughout the conversation he has with you

    7. He may be fidgety

    8. His tone of voice may highten a may sound alot gentler and sweeter and calmer (if he is not that shy, that is)

    Good luck and hope I helped you somehow!

  • 9 years ago

    Since he doesn't go to the gym with a partner must mean he's single. You should definitely make a smooth entrance by making him laugh! It'll make both of you guys 10 times more relaxed. Maybe do alittle challenge? Introduce something your really good at in the gym and tell him you wanna do a bit of a competition! It'll give him a chance to watch you (which I'm sure he wants to!) and when youve beat him, it'll probably make him want you super bad!

  • 5 years ago

    Begin a conversation and make a false line like this so i bet your spouse is amzed that you bought to the health club an thats the way you discover then if he is single make a transfer ask hime to dinner or and many others

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