PlayStation 3 VS Xbox 360?

Hi. I know this is a common debate but every youtube video I watch, does not help!!! I'm not considering Wii U anymore. SO, this is all I have about the two now.

PS3- 249.99, more games, better graphics, free online, blueray, PS Home, PSN, and the controller.

Xbox 360-199.99 (4GB), more games that I want, NO FREE ONLINE >:(, XBL, ok controller, and yeah.

Im trying to convince my parents to get me a new console so they say the cheaper the better. Now im not an online freek, I do have a Wii and I play COD on it -_- its ok, but not the best :(

The games I want are: Fable 2, Skyrim, and COD modern warefare 3. PS3 does have free online...I just like trolling in cod...*trollface*.

I would like very detailed answers. My parents will not pay over $300, they would be happier to get stuff thats cheaper. So i would get skyrim if I had an xbox...

Whichever is better, I would like to know ways to convince my parents better to get me the console. My mom says: "I don't support games unless they benefit you. I dont want to pay to much." ect.

All help appreciated :)

Thank you all.

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    First, I have had both systems since they came out, I own a console repair company.

    The "Graphics are better on the PS3" is not necessarily correct. I am VERY impartial to either system just giving the facts. Original PS3 had MUCH better hardware! MUCH! The 360 didn't even have a 1080p option until the PS3 started offering it and MS did a software update. The graphics are almost identical in the platforms. There are many exceptions on graphics quality depending on the TIME the game was released, who made the game and other factors. The xBox will run exact graphic quality with a SLIGHTLY reduced frame rate on older systems (not even perceivable to the average human eye.) Do not assume the graphics will be anything but identical on the new units when the games are designed during the last year.

    Also, MS does charge for xBox live. You need to separate the difference between the platforms. Microsoft = Software Sony = Hardware. To keep it simple, you can say Sony invented hardware and Microsoft invented Software. You pay for what you get when it comes to performance and stability online. PSN network is down quite a bit and has been especially vulnerable to hacks of THEIR servers, your information and also the PS3 (yours) also. 360 has a more robust online play that will evolve far beyond Sony's whether you pay for it not. Online play is BETTER on 360. MS however requires a GOLD account simply to watch Netflix and certain message and chat options. 360 WILL cost you about an extra $60 a year.

    Mic's, well 360's came with included mics in all units for years and most still do. If you like to chat while you play COD, etc then you have to give the edge to the 360. If you like team work, and people chatting (not messaging) during a game the XBOX has the edge.

    Media center capabilities, both do this but 360 is better than the PS3.

    NAT - PS3 is MUCH less friendly with anything but standard internet connection, it can't Ad-Hoc and has some issues with a SMALL percentage of internet connections.

    Burned disks. Both will play burned disks with audio and MP3. The PS3 however has an AWESOME feature to play burned AVI's and other formats. If you download movies and put them on a DVD often the PS3 has most codecs built in to decode the feature

    Scratch proof disk - WOW I have 4 kids and have gone thru SOOOO many 360 games it makes me ill! I have NEVER had one PS3 game scratch (crack from the center however). BUT Game-stop and best buy now offer warranty's for $3-5 for exchange.

    Blu-Ray Player - PS3 Has a great built in Blu-ray player. It is not your cheap stuff, its a good one!

    Games- Well..... Sorry but XBOX is on TOP OF THIS and I FEEL that it will only get worse. MS is obtaining SOOO many new developers and offers so many benefits to developers. Many games are going multi platform that MS sold contracts too but MS will continue to put more money, better training and even investments in software developers. 360 WILL continue to offer BETTER games and more innovative concepts. MS even finances small game developers if they will be platform specific to the 360 not to mention Microsoft Game Studios has tripled in size and budget in the last 6 months. Sony is reacting, aggressively but will continue to be far behind the curve for an extensive (if not forever) period of time.

    Workmanship vs Ownership - #1 360 had many hardware issues at first (remember I own a company that has contracts with BOTH Sony and MS for repairs) with red rings and disk scratch issues etc. Sony has some issues but nothing even close to 360. Microsoft extended their warranty from 1 to 3 years for ALL red ring issues. This cost them BILLIONS! They backed up their product and stepped up and FIXED it with the slims. Sony is the WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER HAD TO DEAL WITH WHEN IT COMES TO OWNING THEIR PRODUCTS. Horrid! We don't just repair game consoles but TV's cameras video cameras etc for them and they won't own up to any defects. With console repairs we had about 85% 360 10% Ps3 and 5% Wii in our shops. When the 3.56+ firmware was released for PS3 it took about 6 months for MOST of our units to become PS3. Now most unit repairs are on PS3 and when you compare the XBOX slim vs PS3 slim we see hardly ANY SLIM XBOX's but see many PS3 slims. This is partially because the PS3 slim came out before but it is still a fact. Both units however are very stable and should last a while.

    ALSO.... Controllers, what controller are you comfortable with most? The Xbox 360 has been proven to be a more efficient controller vs PS3 but this really doesn't matter when you are only playing people on the same console.

    Both units provide a fun, energetic gaming experience and are solid units with similar features. HOPE it helped...

  • Austin
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    9 years ago

    I'd say get an Xbox 360, but the $299.99 250GB version, it will be cheaper for you in the long run because you will end up paying $20-$20 extra if you decide to upgrade your HDD in the future.

    And about you mom not supporting games, do a quick google search on benefits of gaming. There are a LOT of benefits from it and that might nudge her to be less cheap about it.

  • 9 years ago

    well xbox has minecraft and ps3 has little big planet really a matter of preference and xbox has more games i like

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