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The better home defense weapon?

Me and my Dad are getting in an agruement about Home Defense firearms for my mother. See my dad, my brother and my self camp alot with the Boy Scouts and we leave our Mom alone in the house for the weekend. We would like her to have a little bit more protection than 3 little dogs. While my dad is say a small handgun like a Smith and Wesson body guard 38 or a small automatic to put in the drawer, I am saying a pistol caliber carbine like a Hi Point 9mm carbine or a Rossi Curcuit Judge for underneath the bed. Don't self defense experts say that you use a handgun to get to a rifle with a 9mm and the 45lc and 410 gauge combo there is mimual recoil and less penitraction than a 223 or a 308. What are your suggestions on this subject.


A pistol caliber carbine doesn't just end with a Hi Point or a Rossi. It could be any carbine in a pistol carbine. Don't be hating on my spelling too, it's not english class you know.

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  • Chris
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    Unless she is comfortable with one (or all) then any of them are just going to serve the purpose of making her, and you. feel better. Someone with zero training and comfort with guns is not going to learn how to use them well in a home defense situation. My advice would be to teach her how to use all of them and see what one she feels most confident with.

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    So, a couple of core ideas have already been raised. First - what is she willing to practice with? Small handguns in reasonable defensive calibers tend to recoil somewhat hard, and often have very poor sights making them difficult to shoot accurately even when aiming, much less under pressure. (Note this is Crimson Trace's whole selling feature. - It isn't about shooting bullseyes, it's about center mass under stress.)

    So, if she likes that kind of gun and is willing to practice with it, then fine.

    However, as Lana has brought up - pistol caliber carbines are a nice option to step into from a pistol. It gives the best performance out of the caliber, carbines take relatively less practice to shoot effectively at close distances and are not that bad to maneuver around in a house, because most are minimum length. Easy to mount a laser or red dot on most of them, making it about as close to a point and shoot weapon as you are going to get this side of ...

    The shotgun. So, I would tend to agree with the idea of going to a normal pump shotgun, in either .410 or 20 guage, if she's willing to learn how to run one. Fundamentally there has been so much play over the last several years around .410 revolvers that there has been a significant amount of work in developing reasonably defense rounds in that caliber. Still if you can stretch to 20 gauge or even 12 in a lower power shell you have more flexibility. She still has to know how to run it.

    So, I'd really sit down with mom and discuss it. Take her to a range and rent some options to give them a try. See what she likes, and what she'll go to the range and shoot with the two of you. Whatever she is willing to practice with enough to run effectively? That's probably what you should get. I'd much rather have the 1911 that I can operate on automatic to do a round check, set and take off the safety, and points instinctively for me then the coolest Benelli M4 12 guage that I don't know how to get loaded under pressure. (Once I have one ,,, then I'll probably learn.)


  • Quinn
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    You really should use a comma or period in your sentences. I had to re-read your question a few times to finally understand what you were trying to ask.

    1) Using a handgun to get to a rifle: I have only heard this said in the military and it refers to killing an enemy to take away and use their weapon when you do not have anything better. I have never heard this said by any self-defense experts in reference to home defense. If you killed the intruder, what is the point to using his rifle?

    2) Rossi and Hi Point are cheap and low quality. Since this is your mother - the woman who gave you life, don't you think you can spend a little more and get something higher in quality to ensure her safety?

    3) The king of home defense weapon is the shotgun. But since you restricted the question to pistols, you should not go lower in caliber than a 38 special/.357 magnum or 9mm USING HOLLOW POINTS. Personally, I feel naked using anything caliber that does not start with a "4" such as .40S&W or .45ACP. But your mother needs to feel comfortable and confident shooting the pistol. You should take her to a shooting range that rents guns and let HER decide what she likes.

    4) Here a some suggestions for your mother to try:

    - Ruger GP100 (or GP141)...357mag and can also shoot .38 specials

    - Glocks

    - S&W M&P... choice of 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP

    - Sig P226/P228... expensive but very reliable

    - Springfield XD

    5) A small handgun is much harder to shoot accurately and is more suited for conceal carry than home defense. Unless your mother has very small hands and cannot hold a medium or full size pistol comfortably, a larger pistol with the added weight will help reduce the perceived recoil. Since this is a HOME DEFENSE gun, get something larger than a compact.

  • akluis
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    9 years ago

    Skip the hi point carbine and the circuit judge

    You want to get her a 410? Just get her a simple pump action 410, but I say upgrade to a 20 gauge youth model and leave that for her. Get someone to handload really low recoil shells to get her used ot it and put a really good recoil pad on there. Load it with buckshot and attach a flashlight and you are good.

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  • With those choices the .38 special is the best but I would still rather have a .357 magnum with a 6" barrel.

    I would still pick a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun though.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Go w/handgun maybe somethng small like keltec there small compact and they have thm in 40s&w or she can get full size handgun auto XD,glock,smith&wesson,ect. Not the highpoint plz moms worth more

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    We have a smith and wesson 9mm, works like a champ, and is very accurate. The caliber definitely has the knock down power. If I was you I would go with the judge though.

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    Personally I'm a carbine fan, Your choices are fine ones. Your correct. Less recoil, easier to shoot, easier to attach tac lights or lasers. As a Plus They can often use the same ammo as your hand gun, even the same mags in the case of a Beretta CX4 storm.

    The biggest plus is range. Hitting targets at 25 yards with a hand gun is hard enough. The carbines like the Rossi, are good to 150 yards.

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  • august
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    Whatever your mother can most effectively operate and that she has the most practice using. For her, it might be a handgun... but then again, it might be a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with 00 Buckshot. You won't know until you take her shooting.

    And you shouldn't argue with your father.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The handgun is all she needs. If you're that concerned, purchase a burglar alarm for the house.

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