Does anyone know where I can get an older version of firefox to put on my acer aspire netbook with Windows XP?

According to my research and trials to put firefox 13.0 on the system, it apparently s not compatibable and will not allow me to install. I had google chrome on here at one time but have too many issues rendering internet unsuable unless I use Internet explorer. I am not found of Internet explorer at all and really want firefox so if anyone knows of a link to an older download that will not redirect me to firefox 13.0 that would be great. Or am I stuck with Internet explorer?


I went to and it would not let me install an old firefox. It would only let me install firefox 13.0 which would not install on my netbook.

Update 2: won't let me click on the link to the version I want to download. Any other suggestions please?

2 Answers

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