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Question about the ACT?

I took the ACT yesterday and I always thought there was only 4 parts to it? But this time there was 5... 1 English, 1 math, 1 reading, and 2 science parts. This isn't the first time I've taken it either, & before there was only 1 science part. And I also do terrible in science. Why was there 2 science parts on this one, and will it be scored? Would it bring my overall score down? Because I pretty much just guessed on all the questions on the science

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    That's weird, I took it yesterday too and I had a normal test.

    There should be one part apiece of math, science, english, and reading. Also, a writing part is optional.

    There must have been a mistake or you got some kind of experimental ACT.

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    Section 5 is questions about what you thought of the test. How did you even split up the science?

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