Modeling/acting 1year olds. see picture?

I live in atlanta. I am interested in getting my son into commercials, modeling and those kind of thing. Where should i begin? Are there any sites i could put him on that are legit? His personality just shines and i want to see where we coukd go with it.

Here is a picture of my son.

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  • 9 years ago
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    The only agencies I know of in Atlanta that have a Kids division are Atlanta Model and Talent and People Store

    You have to submit your child's photo and if the agency thinks your kid has the right look they will ask you to come into their office. Being cute is just part of it - in fact "funny looking" babies get more work than typically cute babies. It's more about personality - is your child comfortable around strangers, would he let a stranger fix his hair, dress him or put makeup on (yes, baby models wear makeup to tone down any redness in their skin), is he ok with bright lights and loud noises? Will he smile on cue if someone else asks him? Can he sit still for 60+ seconds so a photographer can get the shot?

    The majority of child models signed to an agency will never be booked on a single job and the average child is only with an agency for 18 months. That's because a beautiful 1 year old might not be as cute when they are 3. A mellow 18 month old might turn into a "terrible two" who refuses to sit still or follow directions. Or the child might not get booked on any jobs and they agency is not going to keep him on the books

  • 9 years ago

    Because there isn't a lot of work for children that age AND they grow really fast very few agencies represent toddlers. That said, if you are in NYC or Los Angeles, you can look for agencies that either have toddler divisions or specialize in children altogether.

    The further you get away from the commercial hubs of NYC or LA, the less likely you are to find legitimate agencies because there just won't be enough work to keep the business going without "selling" their own clients a lot of BS.

    Go on over to message forums and engage some of the parents, there's a lot of knowledge on the site. Lastly, make sure you don't mistake a shining personality for a patient and docile child. A film/commercial/TV set is a professional environment with a lot of unfamiliar people and distractions. A child goes from being cool to suddenly having to perform more or less on cue and things tend to unravel quickly from there. Some sets have "baby wranglers" just for that purpose because parents tend to unravel as well when their child doesn't rise to the occasion.

  • 4 years ago

    I don't feel that is a signal that she's able (but never say never). She's just found out that she can take her nappies off so she's doing it - my son did the equal. We use to place pants over his nappies or put him in body fits to discontinue him from pulling the tabs.

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