My neighbor keeps shooting this annoying airsoft gun. Help?

So, for the past few days we have been hearing this airsoft gun go of. We just found it that my next door neighbor whom is like 12 is shooting his airsoft gun. It's so irritating just hearing it everyday and now that the summer is starting, it will get worse. We concluded that he is shooting animals since his dad is a hunter. We also heard them talking about burying "it." Is there any law that permits them for doing this? It's so annoying hearing that damn gun and messed up he's shooting animals. What do I do?


Alright, my uncle once said he killed a squirrel when he was a kid. So obviously you're wrong. And, I bet if it was your ******* neighbor, it would be a different story.

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    9 years ago
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    the first step I would recommend is to talk to the parents. It is possible to even negotiate a time in which he can spend an hour or so a day outside shooting an airsoft and then call it quits. I have seen neighbors do this.

    The second step would be file a noise complaint. Contrary to popular belief a noisy environment can result in a disturbance of the peace depending on what the local laws are. Some laws state noises heard 50 feet away can be deemed disruption of the peace others may be further away. Still yet many places may not even enforce an ordinance on them. Best answer I can give would be to consult an officer in your local area.

    No as far as shooting animals any use of force no matter if its clobbering with your fist or shooting with a weapon can result in animal abuse. Many places have a zero tolerance for animal abuse and in some more upscale cases have resulted in stiffer punishment then doing the same to a human.

    In short seek out legal advice but attempt to work it out in an orderly fashion first.

  • 9 years ago

    If it is really that irritating then tell him/her. Humans can't read minds so how is he/she supposed to know that it is annoying you? And if he isn't shooting anything or animal in your property then legally you're defenseless. Maybe you can call people that deal with animal abuse about the shooting defenseless animals. Airsoft guns CANNOT kill an animal. No amount of upgrades can kill a decent sized animal, but if close enough you can get a bb stuck in its skin. I would know because I have a job repairing and upgrading airsoft guns.

  • 4 years ago

    I think your neighbor is being a dick, but whether it is disturbing them enough and relying on the legislation, they are able to take it into the realm of disturbing the peace. Your father, being a police officer will have to have no longer stated whatever on the grounds that it will be a conflict of interests and it is probably not just right for him, above all if there is a noise ordinance in location. Personally, I wish to shoot my firearms in peace with out heckling; in finding one other position where that you could enjoy the expertise rather of having a neighbor breathing down your neck.

  • 9 years ago

    Airsoft guns are non-lethal. They shoot plastic pellets. Get over it. The kid is doing no harm to you or anything else.

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