Does she really like me?

I have been talking to this girl that I really like for about a week and I'm not sure if she just wants to be friends or not. I have already told her I think she really pretty and we even went out on a date, but I didn't see very many signs of her liking me as more than just a good friend. I didn't even kiss her because she didn't look like she wanted it. She laughs at all my jokes and we talk a lot and she has shown interest in being around me. She has invited me to go with her to a lot of places and she asks me questions about my personal life. She and I have just gazed into each others eyes and the look she gives me gives me the impression she likes me but her actions don't for the most part. I am positive she knows I like her but I'm not sure if she likes me back. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Well a week isn't really a long time to determine anything. But if she kept contacting you after your date and didn't act any different then that's a good sign. If she wasn't interested in you after the date she would have pulled away. Girls aren't necessarily good at showing a guy that they like them and she may not have even picked up that you like her. It can be hard to tell if the guy is just being real friendly. So maybe make it more obvious and do some serious flirting and see how she responds. If its a positive response then she may like you.

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