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why do I keep dreaming of my old love?

i am going to be 42 in a week .. at age 26 i had fallen in love with a woman and her parents did not approve .. we had torrid affair for a year and then she broke up without so much as a good bye [ i do not know why she suddenly just left me without a closure ] ..

i nearly died of grief [ although i never phoned her or tried to talk to her even though she stays 16 houses down .. i loved her and would have done anything for her but i have my pride and if i am not wanted then i am not wanted ]

i never married .. having been too shocked and grief stricken ..

for the last one year i keep dreaming of her .. as if we are together again .. and when i wake up it is so painful it is like i am having a heart attack .. in fact i will prefer a nightmare to this " pleasant dream " ..

why do i keep having the dreams and why for 14 years or so the dreams were not there [ till age 40 ]

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    I think you are having these dreams still because you did not get that closure. I broke up with someone last year and ever since have had "what if" feelings and many dreams. About two weeks ago I met up with him and we went to dinner and a movie and ever since I have not had any of those feelings or dreams. I think because I was able to get that closure. Maybe try to reach out in order to get that closure? It has been so many years you never know what she will say. I'm not saying try to get back with her... just to try to get in touch so you are able to get some sort of closure so that you are finally able to move on.

    Good luck and I hope that you are able to get past this. I know how it is to have those feelings and dreams and would not wish that upon anyone.

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