Why do we need to carefully manage water?

I am writing an essay and my teacher assigned us the paragraph and thesis.

The thesis is: Unless more effectively managed, clean water will one day grow scarce and be treated as a commodity, causing just as much conflict as gold and crude oil have.

The two last paragraphs are named: the need for careful management

These are the paragraphs that i need help with, because i cannot find any arguments and points to write in these. Can you please help me?

Note: in previous paragraphs i talked about growing populations, pollution, small amounts of fresh water available to humans,disruption of food chain.

Thanks :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    currently in the west there is basically 2 kinds of water - irrigation water pumped from wells rivers etc., and drinking water, expensively treated to remove impurities. We use drinking water to flush toilets and water golf courses and playing fields, which is somewhat crazy. We also have historically not charged users for it, so they can run sprinklers on their lawns all day in regions that would naturally be a desert. With better management we could more equitably use the fresh water we have.

    We have also drawn down aquifers that were built up over thousands of years.

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    9 years ago

    First of all there is only 1% of fresh water we can use everything else is salt water! And if we don't manage it well there will be no more water to use and we will all die. Hope this helps!

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