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I am 5'8 149 lbs and 3 days from ten wks pregnant should I lose weight?

I started at 142, and now I feel uncomfortable because I was told I shouldnt gain weight yet.

I'm tall and lean and very healthy, and I don't understand why this is already happening?

My belly is hard as a rock..

And it seems to already be showing,

My boobs are giants compared to what I had..

I didn't even fill my A up, now they're falling out the top of my A's an my nipples feel like death.

I have honestly

Been eatinfg the healthiest I ever had, as I always have though.

And I've continued My excersises

Could I drop a few pounds for a better health for my baby?

I'm so worried about diabetes and stuff.


I'm 17 and so worried


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    Do NOT try to lose weight while you are pregnant. What you should do is concentrate on healthy eating, taking your prenatal vitamins and getting exercise. Walking is really good because it helps spread the pelvic bones, making for an easier delivery. All of this, of course, should be done working with your health care provider. As for your breasts, that's very normal. I gained 7 inches and kept 4 with my first pregnancy.

    I dont' know you told you not to gain weight yet, but it's normal early on because even though the baby isn't big, your body gains all kinds of fluids and such in response to hormones and to prepare to feed the baby. For the first three months, you gain about 4 pounds. So you are little high, but it's not outrageous, especially since you started at a healthy weight. After this, plan to gain about a pound a week after the first trimester. However, that's average, most of that is in the last three months. (The baby gains a half pound a week in the last month.)

    Since you are young, unless there is diabetes in your family, don't worry about it in your pregnancy.

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    If you are still having morning ailment, then that might be the intent for weight loss. I feel the intent your physician is not too concerned is considering the fact that you have got simplest misplaced 5 lbs. In case you continue to drop a few pounds, I feel he will on the whole want to run some tests to see if the whole lot is okay with you and the little one. Some explanations females shed pounds for the period of being pregnant could be: gestational diabetes, which is not proven for until 28 weeks. If that is so, your health care provider will control this with insulin or a diet. One more motive might be you may have a scarcity of amniotic fluid so that they can rationale you to drop pounds. To notably answer your query, a five pound weight reduction at 21 weeks will have to be checked out to take a look at to set up the purpose. Did you've morning ailment? Have been you chubby earlier than you became pregnant? Are you eating a healthful weight-reduction plan? Are you eating plan? Do you could have a excellent appetite? Your general practitioner or midwife can support you see where you stand and make plans for a healthful being pregnant. Just right luck together with your being pregnant!

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    Do NOT try to lose weight unless the doctor says so--and the chances of that are SMALL. Your weight loss could lead to having a low-birth-weight baby, and that leads to real health problems for the baby.

    You are already showing because you are tall and slim.

    Good luck!

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    You should never try to lose weight while ur pregnant its all normal and your baby will be super healthy if u still continue to eat healthy and exercise! Congrats and good luck!

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    Never loose weight when you are pregnant. that can cause serious health problems for your baby and you. and the reason why you are so big now is because you are small. and pregnancy shows a lot more on small people than bigger sized people. But you should continue to eat healthy, for the safety of you and your child. and on top of that you are young so its ok to be worried.

    but when you should really start to get worried is when your feet start to get swollen. its normal for feet to get swollen but not too swollen because that can be a sign of preclamsia . and you also need to watch out for high blood presure that's dangerous too

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    No not when your pregnant. That's not healthy. Its fine to eat healthy foods & mabe go for walks to exercise. You should have a healthy baby if you keep doing what your doing.

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