Best players for each position in MLB over last 40 years?

Include every position, including starting pitcher and reliever.

Put in DH if you want. But I think that's just a glorified softball player, not a true MLB player.

Besides it's going to be Edgar Martinez anyway.

Ten points for person whose list is closest to mine.

My list and winner in a few hours

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  • Erich
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    9 years ago
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    P - Greg Maddux

    C - Johnny Bench

    1B - Albert Pujols

    2B - Jeff Kent

    3B - Mike Schmidt

    SS - Cal Ripken Jr.

    LF - Barry Bonds

    CF - Ken Griffey Jr.

    RF - Tony Gwynn

    DH - Frank Thomas

    CL - Mariano Rivera

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    C- Ivan Rodriguez

    1B- Albert Pujols

    2B- Ryne Sandberg

    SS- Derek Jeter

    3B- Mike Schmidt

    LF- Barry Bonds

    CF- Ken Griffey Jr.

    RF- Pete Rose

    DH- Edgar Martinez

    SP- Nolan Ryan

    RP- Mariano Rivera

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Ravens- Ray Lewis Bengals- Chad Ocho-Cinco Browns- Josh Cribbs Steelers- Hines Ward Bears- Devin Hester Lions- Calvin Johnson Packers- Donald driver Vikings- Brett Farve Texans- Andre Johnson Colts- Peyton Manning Jaguars- Maurice Jones-Drew Titans- Chris Johnson Falcons- Tony Gonzalez Panthers- Deangelo Williams Saints- Reggie Bush Buccaners- Ronde Barber expenses- Donte Whitner Dolphins- Ronnie Brown Patriots- Tom Brady Jets- Darrelle Revis Cowboys- Jason Witten Giants- Eli Manning Eagles- Jeremy Maclin Redskins- Donavon McNabb Broncos- Brian Dawkins Cheifs- Matt Cassel Raiders- Nnamdi Asomugha Chargers- Philip Rivers Cardinals- Larry Fitzgerald 49ers- Frank Gore Seahawks- TJ Houshmandzadeh Rams- Steven Jackson

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    C: Johnny Bench

    1B: Eddie Murray

    2B: Ryne Sandberg

    SS: Cal Ripken Jr.

    3B: Mike Schmidt

    LF: Rickey Henderson

    CF: Ken Griffey Jr

    RF: Ichiro Suzuki

    DH: Paul Molitor

    LHP: Randy Johnson

    RHP: Greg Maddux

    CL: Mariano Rivera

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    C - Johny Bench

    1B - Albert Pujols

    2B - Joe Morgan

    3B - Mike Schmidt

    SS - Alex Rodriguez

    OF - Ken Griffey Jr

    OF - Barry Bonds

    OF - Ricky Henderson

    SP - Roger Clemens

    SP - Tom Seaver

    SP - Greg Maddux

    SP - Pedro Martinez

    SP - Steve Carlton

    RP - Mariano Rivera

    RP - Dan Quisenberry

    RP - Trevor Hoffman

  • 9 years ago

    So since 1972. I'll do starters and backups.

    C: I'll guess Johnny Bench had enough good years after 1972. (Ivan Rodriguez)

    1B: Albert Pujols (Mattingly/McGwire Murray/Votto/Konerko)

    2B: Ryne Sandberg (Roberto Alomar/Robinson Cano)

    SS: Tough one. Ozzie Smith (Derek Jeter/Cal Ripken/Omar Vizquel/Alex Rodriguez)

    3B: Mike Schmidt (Wade Boggs/Chipper Jones)

    LF: Barry Bonds* (Rickey Henderson)

    CF: Ken Griffey Jr (Kirby Puckett)

    RF: Tony Gwynn (Vladimir Guerrero)

    DH: Sorry, I think Frank Thomas was better (Edgar Martinez/David Ortiz/Paul Molitor)

    RHP: Greg Maddux (Pedro Martinez/Roger Clemens)

    LHP: Randy Johnson (Tom Glavine)

    CL: Mariano Rivera (Dennis Eckersley)

    Toughest position was definitely Shortstop. I wouldn't have a problem with any of the five mentioned. Designated Hitter was tough as well.

  • 9 years ago

    C Johnny Bench

    1B Eddie Murray

    2B Ryne Sandberg, I don't choose Joe Morgan because his career started in 1963

    3B Mike Schmidt

    SS Ozzie Smith

    LF Barry Bonds (this will give me a few thumbs down)

    CF Ken Griffey Jr.

    RF Tony Gwynn (hard choice between him and Dave Winfield if we consider defense)

    DH Edgar Martinez

    RHP Tom Seaver (a little bias here)

    LHP Randy Johnson

    CL Mariano Rivera

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1B: Albert Pujols

    2B: ----Not sure----

    SS: Derek Jeter

    3B: Alex Rodreguez

    LF: Berry Bonds

    CF: Ken Griffey Jr

    RF: Ichiro

    DH: David Ortiz

    SP: Pedro Martinez

    CL: Mariano Rivera

  • 9 years ago

    1b: Albert Pujols

    2b: Roberto Alomar

    3b:Miike schmidt

    SS: Ozzie Smith

    LF: Rickey Henderson/ Barry Bonds

    CF: Willie Mays

    RF:Hank Aaron

    Sp:Greg Maddux


    C:Johnny Bench

    Source(s): Me
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