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In Desperate housewives What do you think of mary alice young?

What do you think of mary alice young? Personally i love her narration really helpful she seemed nice shame she killed herself

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    Yeah i think she's nice but i think it's good she died (obv not good) but because it kind of sets the story for the other characters and her being the narrator is better than just a randomer because she knows whats going on with people on wisteria lane. I watched the final tonight :( going to miss that show

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    the 1st actual episode of the tutor, referred to as "pilot"... she shot herself interior the 1st scene and he or she narrated the tutor ever when you consider that ? and thats while her pals got here across the blackmail be conscious and the season a million secret started. and that's additionally the place the popular quote got here from, "oh, mary alice, what did you do?"

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