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I need to improve my chances.Please help?

My boyfriend and I are trying to have a baby together, but the thing is that he only has one testicle. The doctor says he has a fifty fifty chance of having children. He lost one of his testicles due to cancer when he was a child. Is there anyway to improve my chances of getting pregnant?

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    it only takes one sperm to get pregnant so you technically don't need both testicles. not every women ovulates @ the normal 2 wks after the start of their cycle and even w/a regular cycle women can ovulate @ diff times every month. if you start to feeling very wet (watery/eggwhite CM) you're in your most fertile window so have sex! if you're having more and more creamy Cm then start having sex every other day. sperm stays in your cervix up to 6 days max in ideal conditions. i use it tracks BBT, cm, ur cervix and everything in between. it'll take 2 cycles to figure it out but at least it won't be a guessing game. it's a great tool! don't have sex every day as that lowers sperm count - every other day is good :) also if you do need to use lubricant make sure it's sperm friendly as most aren't. i use pre-seed :) try the digital OPK's so you get a smiley face instead of trying to figure out the colors. There are also products you can try on that helped me 

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    Definitely make sure you are ovulating. You can get ovulation strips at walmart or something and they tell you when you ovulate. Or just google an ovulation calculator.

    Also have sex with either him on top, or having sex while 'spooning' since its deeper penetration. And after sex, keep your waist elevated in the air for 30 minutes. Itll help the sperm travel faster.

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    Get married first. Then you are more likely to be able to get IVF.

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