I need some advice on my fear of rejection?

I'm a girl and 17 years old and have a bad fear of rejection. I really like this guy..he is a hard, honest worker, he's a Christian like me, he is a gentleman, everything I ever prayed for in a young man for me..He goes to my church. I'm not gonna ask him out myself, I just want to add him as a friend on facebook. please don't laugh at me, I am an extremely sensitive girl :/ He said hello to me once in church and he will stare at me for like 5 seconds at a time a few times. I know those are good signs but i'm still scared :/ this guy is really bashful, my uncle told him that he would like him to meet me, and my uncle said he got extremely shy after he told him that. I haven't seen this guy in a few weeks. should i add him on facebook? help my fear of rejection? :/

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  • 9 years ago
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    Do it! There was this guy I thought was cute so I added him the same time my friend did. He accepted hers and had mine pending. THREE MONTHS later I finally asked him to accept or decline. He accepted:)

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I think the best thing you can do is try to work on your perception of what being rejected really is. It's never easy for anybody to be rejected, but if you have the right perspective on it, it doesn't hurt nearly as much. Recognize that different people have different tastes. Just because one girl isn't attracted to you doesn't mean you're not attractive. It means you're not attractive *to her*. If someone you don't know very well rejects being asked out, keep in mind she's not rejecting everything you are. She doesn't even know you well, so she can't reject what she doesn't even know about. As long as you recognize that rejection is a case by case situation and not some end of the world NOBODY WILL EVER LIKE ME scenario, it's a lot less scary. Girls like eye contact, but nobody likes being aggressively stared at. It's fine to glance away from time to time. If you can, glance to one side and back to her rather than down. Down shows lack of confidence, and glancing side to side can be taken as being shifty and untrustworthy. Glancing up looks like rolling your eyes. You get the point. Just be aware of the message you're sending. I hope this helps!

  • 9 years ago

    hey hun. Don't be afraid of rejection. This is something you have to face. If he's a good guy then there's nothing wrong with requesting him through facebook, or even exchanging numbers. That's the only way or you will never know. Pray I know that Jesus loves you ;)

    Good Luck

    oh Please answer mine and thanks !

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i am a christian and teen as well i say go up to him and tell him in a modest way how you feel facebook is a little to impersonal nothing to fear but but fear itself right so go for it

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