How much do finals effect my grade! How do I average this? What do I need to get on my final to pass!?!?

in my school 70 is passing, and idk how much finals equal!?!

Science Q1 75, Q2 75, Q3 73, Q4 86

English Q1 74, Q2 60, Q3 76, Q4 70

History Q1 80, Q2 74, Q3 82 Q4 72

What do I need to get on my finals to pass these classes? idk how much points finals!? Q stands for quarter one quarter two etc.


Can somone please answer with a rough assumption of what I would need on my final to pass these classes assuming the final is like 20-50% of grade?

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    It really depends on the school, or sometimes, the individual teacher. Do you a syllabus for these classes? If so, look for information regarding final percentage concerning final grade in class. Then you should be able to figure it out.

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    Your very final grade is averaged by employing your first semester (with midterm) and your 2nd semester (with very final). The formula or equation to confirm it somewhat is probable distinctive finding on the place you reside.

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