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Am I depressed? What to do?

Basically I've been feeling down for at least a year now but have sort of been able to cope with it but since the start of this year things have been gradually getting worse and now I'm pretty much constantly down. I've stopped going out, im months behind on college work always giving them excuses like I've already sent it or my memory stick is broke when I haven't even done it, things I used to love doing I can't stand anymore and just nothing seems to make me happy.

I do have occasions of happiness but these are short lived. Most happy when Im out with friends but then for no apparent reason I just feel down again. I try my best to be happy and think positive and all that but nothing works. I'm constantly tired and could easily sleep all day. Used to hate sleeping past 10 or 11 and hate sleeping in the afternoons but now I pretty much do it everyday! Pretty much cry everyday too which I never used too but I will admit it does help but again only for a short time.

I really want to change this and just be happy especially since Im always angry against my mother and brother. Even my mother and grandparents think I'm depressed and have told me to go to the doctors but I dont want too because I feel scared which I know is stupid. Im just scared of telling him how I feel and then possibly being told Im depressed. Any advice for me? Anything I can do to try and combat it without seeing a doctor? I feel really stupid posting my problems on here but Im just sort of ashamed to ask friends or family for help.

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    yes your depressed. you should go to the doctor if it gets worse, but i dont suggest taking any drugs. but if you dont want to go to the doctor i had depression for about a year and didnt seek any help i just make a few changes in my life and tried to get thru it. heres some tips that worked for me:

    -dont listen to music, well not music that you think will help as soon as i stopped doiing that i felt better it might feel like it helps but i dont think it does you only get worse

    - do soem excercise its hard to get started but if you like being outdoors doing something do that shoot some bastballs, netballs, play golf, soccer etc anything you like doing.

    - change your thinking ,keep yourself busy

    - i suggest you do some research on depression, search on the internet or go to your librabry and get books

    - you could also see a counseller or got to a mental illness centre they help they just let you express what your feeling,

    i hope this helps a bit some of this info might not be right but these are my tips just for some guidance. hope you get better it feels crap when were depressed.

    AND talk to your family or loved ones or someone you can trust about some problems you have- dont do anything thats permenant, it hurts tohers around you more and its not worth it.

    Source(s): i havnt read it myself but it looks alright^ goodluck
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    I do not forget myself a creator (a minimum of, I write) and I'm no longer depressed. But frustration or even unhappiness is some thing that comes from writing, considering, as any person else mentioned earlier than me, you are no longer simply feeling your possess united statesand downs, however your characters as good. I'm an excessively emotional man or woman, I will admit, and I get labored up over stuff that possibly I will not. Does how writing goes for me outcome my temper? I suppose so. Writing is, for men and women who're passionate approximately it, a style of unlock in their innermost self, and while all of the sudden some thing occurs and that unlock will get up on maintain, it will get all bottled up. I wager that is why I name Writer's Block a sickness. You're being slowly tormented to dying through the strategies that you simply cannot write. Haha, so yeah. Are all writers emotional men and women? I suppose so. Are all of them depressed? I'm going to must disagree with that one, despite the fact that they surely all can also be depressed at unique instances.

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    Find a friend or family member to talk about how down you feel and why you feel so down. I'm going through a tough time too and that's what I did and it's making me feel a bit better. I am depressed, and I know that without even having to go to a doctor, but being depressed is okay. Tons of people go through depression and it's totally normal. Just find the reason why you're so depressed, talk about it, and if you still feel really down, just go to a doctor. They will make you feel better, otherwise they wouldn't exist :) Hope I helped!

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    You are a teenager, most of us felt the same way, no-one understands me etc... do you spent a lot of time watching television, reading fashion magazines, listening to negative music, pay attention to the news?

    Do you eat healthy foods like organically grown fruit and vegetables? Do you eat a lot of junk/fast or processed foods. Do you wear synthetic clothing instead of natural cottons? Do you wear a lot of make up? Do you get enough direct sunlight on your skin?

    Your schooling is contributing to you feeling lost and unloved, the constant pressure to be your best, is a crock of shite!

    My belief goes against what your teachers will tell you or try to con-vince you to believe in. Life is NOT A COMPETITION, do not fall for it.

    If you want to feel better about yourself, be yourself, do what you want and more importantly say what you want to - if others get offended by your truths - then THEY have a problem NOT you. Dress in the clothes you want to wear, do not be dictated by the fashion magazines or by what other people tell you is 'right to wear' or 'it's the fashion' - that again it is another crock of shite!

    You should always be yourself, do not be dictated by society - for they are wrong in their thinking....

    why not download the PDF file that has been written by Mary Elizabeth Croft Called 'How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known to Man" Trust me on this, this WILL make you feel much better about your whole life and why you are having difficulties with the schooling. Unfortunately you are being 'dumbed-down'

    If you can print our the report, sit in the sun and read, read, read......

    Good luck with your life and chin up, this will pass

    Live long & live healthy, naturally.

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    Let God change you. I know you probably think I'm crazy, at one point I thought all Christians were insane. God broke me down til I had nothing left and no option but to cry out to him. He has completely changed my life. Gven me a job, education and has healed me from social anxiety. Ask him to come into your life:) He loves you so much, you're so precious to Him and he has an amazing plan for you.

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