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What did you do at the eye doc?

I have an eye appointment for Thursday which I'm exited for cause my eyes suck, is that wierd?

So what was it like for you at the eye doctor? I just watched the video from friends lol. I have been once and when I got the glaucoma test I literally jumped out my chair screening (i was 5 :D)

What happened with you?

Anything funny?

What did the doc say?

I'm worried my vision will be fine (I know it's dumb :() but I've been complaining for a year, and Im scared what my dad would do if I have 20/20 vision, I think he'll make me blind I annoy him everyday.

Don't call be a spoiled brat, I know I'm spoiled, that's one step to not being a spoiled brat, right?

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    LOL! The eye doctor is a really interesting experience. Yes they do that test for glaucoma. However the machines should have been updated, now the puff is a lot lighter. Now instead of putting the burning drops in your eye, there is a new test called the Optos. They use a big camera to take a picture of the back of the eye. It's really cool. You should ask the doctor if he has it when you go there. But be prepared to pay a little fee to use it

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