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Ideas for a really good children's book?

Ages 6+ really creative

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    A little boy wandered off into the woods, and he stepped into a circle of mushrooms. The mushroom circle was a portal and it took him to the world of the fey folk. He wandered the forest for hours crying and confused until a beautiful fairy princess on a hunt with her father's court saw him and asked her father, the king, to make him her pet. So the King of the fairies sent his hunters out to track the boy down and capture him. After a short time, they found him crying and captured him in their nets. He struggled until they clubbed him with their cudgels to pacify him. When they brought the boy back to the princess, she wept for the bruises on him and had the hunters flayed and their skin used for a cloak to clothe the boy. From this moment on, the boy became known amongst the fey as Lord Skinner. The boy grew up with the fairy court being doted on by the princess. He grew into a petty tyrant because no one dared to touch him. When he became old enough to swing a sword, the princess begged her father to make him a knight, and he consented. The boy began his training under the most talented hero in the forest, and he grew to be a master of battle who challenged and slew many of the kingdom's lords, which infuriated the king to no end. The princess was endlessly amused at Lord Skinners many petty cruelties, and she encouraged his wickedness. One day, Lord Skinner became aware of the charms of women, and he raped a lady of the court in front of the king. The princess was delighted at her pet's evil, but the king had had enough. He would have executed him there, but the princess begged him to send Lord Skinner into exile instead. The crafty king knew that he could not allow the boy-turned-man to wreak havok amongst his courtiers anymore, so he sent the boy on a series of impossible tasks in the hopes that Lord Skinner would fail.

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    What? Why would you expect people to give their really good and creative ideas for a children's book to you when you have nothing to give back? Seriously.

    If you're really hard-up for ideas, try adapting a Hans Christian Anderson story. He has some pretty obscure ones.

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