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How do I go about applying for dual citizenship? USA/Canada?

I am a resident of the USA and wish to apply for citizenship for Canada. I have two great grandparents that we're born in Canada which would make me 1/8 Canadian. If I prove to the Canadian govt. this is true, could I become a citizen? Also, how do I go about this process?

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    You Grandparents do not help in the process of getting Canadian Citizenship.

    Start here for the basics

    Here is the details but you are not ready for it yet

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    Greetings! not each united states of america provides citizenship to the toddler of a citizen who became into born outdoors that united states of america. Canada and the US have very liberal twin citizenship agreements. So in case you pick for to realize this which you will word to the Canadian consulate close to you to start the approach. you need to provide us your mom's answer as to why you have not have been given it. better than in all probability you have been born interior the US, and he or she does not have twin citizenship. stable luck

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    great grandparents give you no rights to citizenship, you would have to qualify to immigrate then after living in canada for 3 years you can apply for citizenship

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    your relatives are too distant ..

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