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What kind of cockatiels are these?

I just got them today and I don't know what kind they are.They have grey masks and white tails and heads.Their wings and stomach are grey.One is a very light grey and the other is a little darker.They don't have red cheeks or any yellow on them.

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    There is only the one type of cockatiel- you have a grey color version that has white cheeks instead. It is just different color genetics- like having a black lab or a yellow lab. Same exact animal, different colors.

    You can tell males from females in this color variety by the cheek color. Females (and young cockatiels) have grey cheeks with very little, if any, white in them. Adult males will have pretty large white cheek patches. The only way that would vary in grey and white ones is if they have a pearl or pinto coloring in them- you can get some other color variations.

    You can get variation in grey body color. There are other genetic factors thrown in there somewhere, and there are cockatiel color calculators out in the web.

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