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Max asked in PetsReptiles · 9 years ago

Savannah monitor final cage ideas?

This is a 6 1/2' long cage 4' width and 4' height First of all the necessities:

How do I heat this I'm thinking like 4 ceramic emmiters at the basking zone with regular light bulbs for light than multiple heat bulbs and a 48" UVB light for the whole cage

Decorations: do they like to squeeze up to something and get tight and snug or do they like to be high up on branches or his basking zone. What are some homemade enrichment items I can use

What would be a good water dish like a cat litter box.

Food dish- if I put food in a dish (dubia roaches) and they escape what harm can they commit to my savannah monitor.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    My savannah monitor Havoc loves to hide into really tight spaces as all savannah monitors do. They do this to feel more secure. They are terrestrial lizards meaning that they stay closer to the ground the in the trees but many savannah monitors have been found in trees. My savannah climbs trees in search of food and a good hiding place. The basking spot should be about 110-130 degrees Fahrenheit and the monitor should sit there for a long time just basking and being lazy. If you could find some good pieces of trees that have either been chopped off or have fallen off then you can decorate the tank with that as long as they are clean. A good sized plastic bowl or a cat litter bin would be perfect(depends on the size of your monitor).Dubai roaches are a perfect food for any monitor but might get out of a food bowl so you might want to tong feed your sav the dubias.If the Dubai roaches are hungry they will eat anything in the enclosure including your sav so any uneaten food should be removed.Hope this helped.

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  • Amber
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    9 years ago

    The only monitor tht shld b n tht cage is an adult, an an adult doesn't need dubias, ours eat whole un cracked eggs n chickens n big meals. They dnt need insects. N they like basking on logs, ours r located outside n even tho they r 6 feet they still like their hide, they destroy fake plants tho. N a litter box for water wld b fine. N there r other heat emmiters I wld use. Google n u can find a ton, they really don't play. Just bask n sleep so as long as u provide ways for those 2 things they will b happy.

  • 4 years ago

    a three foot long, heavy-bodied lizard, in a 4 foot cage? No way. it fairly is least perplexing to construct something for those adult males, and inspect something a minimum of 6x2 ft. top would not be counted lots...basically save it tender. 2 ft is often effective. additionally, do no longer anticipate it's going to stay in that 2.5 to 3 foot selection. You noted that 4 foot is somewhat enormous for a captive one, implying that wild ones are often bigger. yet submit to in recommendations that for the period of captivity, an particularly properly cared-for animal can often get bigger than their wild opposite numbers, using fact it has a comfortable nutrition source, would not exert as lots capability, and if executed wisely, could have a weight loss plan it particularly is greater perfect in nutrition.

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